Yukon River Breakup

An annual photo documentary of the Yukon River breakup at the confluence of the
Yukon and Klondike rivers, Dawson City, Yukon

Official 2019 breakup: 7:16pm, April 23

Latest photo: May 1, 2019 - 6:40 pm
Photo: Sebastian Jones

Past breakups on Feb 26th

No breakups recorded on this day.

Breakup extremes

Earliest: 2016 on April 23rd

Latest: 1964 on May 28th

As the focus of a vigorous betting tradition, the exact time and date of breakup has been recorded annually since 1896. These breakup times note the moment when the ice moves the tripod on the Yukon River at Dawson.

A full list of past break up dates is available here.